Who benefits?


With their risk management strategies handled by GCT, growers and suppliers are in a position to find financing more easily and on improved terms.

Knowing that at least part of their crops are sold at prices that will cover their costs allows them to concentrate on production and maximising the profitability of sales.


The normal contango of the market increases selling prices the further ahead they are locked in. If the trade is the seller, good prices for the grower still reduce the risk of default.


GCT offers the same flexibility to fix prices as conventionally, but quite possibly at improved differentials. Guarantees/sponsorship also means that deliveries are more secure.

Not only is the risk of non-performance reduced if suppliers are profitable, but also strong, mutually-beneficial relationships are built.


GCT provides increased security for margin and trade financing, and increases the potential to extend business in difficult markets.

Third-party guarantors

GCT’s operation is an efficient and cost-effective means of supporting development of the producer through market-driven assistance as opposed to grants.