Our role

Hedging of the coffee sale calls for someone in the chain to carry the margin risk. This is where GCT comes in.

We are a professional and independent business geared to providing origin with access to Far Forward Sales.

While GCT manages hedges on behalf – and for the benefit – of the producer, it also guarantees fulfilment of the contract to the roaster/trader, and represents added security for the lending institutions.

GCT's involvement provides financial stability and solid credit lines

Acting as the “principal” in all transactions (the buyer and seller of both the physical and terminal contracts on the commodity exchanges) GCT executes the orders and monitors the flow in the supply chain, acting only on the explicit order of the buyer or seller.

With an extensive track record of managing coffee contracts (physical and terminal), we are more than equipped to deliver the transparent reporting required.

Added to this expertise, solid legal and financial backing make GCT an attractive vehicle for entering into contracts that fall outside the scope of traditional trade channels.

For approved producers, GCT can also facilitate access to pre-financing of coffee contracts through associated lenders or banks.